About me

From a young age I have always been interested in fitness and therapy due to the fact of playing many sports and eventually getting a scholarship to play college basketball. 

As years went on, I got many injuries that lead to me having to go to rehabilitation that inspired me toward the field of work I am now in. In 2005 my dream to start my own rehabilitation/fitness business came with BodyBalanceForLife that eventually turned into Pace4UFitness.

We all struggle with our lives on how to make everything balance from family to friends to work. Most of us are struggling, (including me with keeping fit at 40 or in my case at 50) for building muscle mass to help build and maintain strong bones and bodies. We all need that balance. So come check me out and see what I can do for you to help you balance your life and fitness goals at any age.

Heather Lesniak


Email: fishywishy@rogers.com

Phone: (416)420-0932

LocationBrampton, ON

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